Separated into three chapters, we explore the childhood experience for Black kids growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From the moments when they lost their innocence to the outwardly expression that defined their voices, Black kids in this city proclaim that Milwaukee will always be theirs.


They lost their innocence. From racial discrimination at local restaurants to religious institutions not accepting one's queerness to the mystery of Alexis Patterson going missing in 2002, Black kids in Milwaukee unfortunately became aware of the politics of themselves at very young ages. At every turn, they were made aware that folks and systems in this city, just did not like Black kids.


They found their voice. Through the lack of access and opportunity in the city, Black kids created their own spaces to grow, to foster identity and to freely express themselves. Whether it be through their vernacular usage of the phrase, "On What?!" or their preference to refer to Nike Air Force Ones as Dookies or even the animated expression of the dance style, twang, Black kids in Milwaukee forged an existence that the city could never deny.


This is why, this is their Milwaukee forever. The greatest goal of a Black kid in Milwaukee was to grow up enough to leave. And to never look back. This time, they're young adults and they're back. Back to reflect and reconcile the unfortunate truths of a city that they love dearly.

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