All eyes are on Wisconsin after a year in which the state saw white supremacist violence in response to calls for racial justice, allegations of voter suppression during the April primaries and, most recently, a contentious battle for democracy in the presidential election. Milwaukee, the largest city in the Badger State, has been ground zero for these events. But the dozens of news articles written about them have missed the true soul of the city.  It’s time for people to meet the real Milwaukee.

Our youth. Their imaginations. Fearless and robust, sit at the roof of their mouths, yearning for an opportunity to exist outside of their minds. But too often, especially in a city like Milwaukee, those words are often locked away, never given the chance to live.

In this film, they can be heard, loud and clear. The goal of this documentary is to foster a community pride for the city of Milwaukee. To recognize the city’s flaws, but to also honor its beauty. To present an opportunity for Black kids to be proud to call this place home.

We showcase the true charm and charisma of the Black kids in Milwaukee and all of the power and potential that they have that others can’t seem to see. One that often gets ranked as insignificant.